Aero Whatsapp APK Download Latest Premium Version 2021

aero whatsapp apk download

Aero Whatsapp APK Download

Aero Whatsapp APK Download – The essence of communication is not complete without WhatsApp, which has become the prime application for messaging, file sharing, and voice note communication.

Moreover, Aero WhatsApp APK uses end-to-end encryption for messaging. All communication becomes more private and secure.


  • Message delivery ticks, which tell the message status, are also a feature that attracts more users. As a result, now, there are more than 40 million users of WhatsApp.

Aero Whatsapp APK Link:

Aero Whatsapp APK Download

Version info

Here is the detail of the version.

  • The App is called¬†Aero WhatsApp APK¬†or WhatsApp Aero.
  • The size of the setup is 68 MB.
  • The version name is 8.5.
  • The package is dual clone and un-clone.
  • The App is an anti-ban App.

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